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What to expect in the Windows 11 23H2 update

Sometime later this fall, your Windows 11 computer will receive an update that adds a few interesting and useful features. Here is three of the more notable changes

  1. Windows Copilot - A GPT4 based AI assistant that can do everything ChatGPT does, while also being able to change Windows settings enable features just by asking.

  2. Volume Mixer - This is a long-awaited update, finally bringing back the ability from Windows 10 to change the volume of specific applications without opening the Settings app.

  3. Built-in RGB lighting controls - If your computer or any of its accessories has configurable RGB lighting, you probably know the hassle of dealing with multiple configuration utilities for each vendor. This update adds a new RGB lighting control pane to the Settings app. While it won't initially be supported by every vendor, the hope is that more will support it in the future, making for a more consistent experience

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