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Locked out of an Employee System?

We were contacted by a business whose server computer stopped working. This server was previously built by a disgruntled employee and was haphazardly assembled with a mismatching of miscellaneous parts.

Photo of the new server.

Upon opening the machine, the motherboard was not screwed into anything and was sliding around inside the computer creating problems. The operating system was installed on a 4 TB hard drive with minimal data.

We created a plan to move some parts into a larger and properly sized chassis that would fit the motherboard and provide adequate cooling. We could crack the password lost over time, and migrate all of the data off of the hard drive and onto a correctly sized and much faster solid-state drive.

The server was reconfigured in a way to best fit the client's needs and provide a reliable and fast system. The new computer was built for $569.02 plus $290.00 for assembly and all labor.

If this sounds like a situation you find yourself in, contact us as we have plenty of experience with situations like this.

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